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PS3 Media Server 1.21.0

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PS3 Media Server 1.21.0

Mensaje por P1nch0 el Miér Feb 09 2011, 01:37

Ha sido publicado la versión 1.21.0 de PS3 Media Server, aplicación para Windows y Linux que permite reproducir en Playstation 3 y 360 el contenido multimedia que tengamos en el ordenador.

Novedades y Cambios:

- issue 863: Add toString() method to OutputParams
- issue 846 : Remove obsolete web video code for YouTube and GameTrailers rm hamcrest dependency
- Updated FFmpeg to c9e16a9 from 26112
- Updated MPlayer to 32848 from 32735
- issue 856 : Fix Subversion repo line endings mark shell scripts executable rm stray svn:executable properties from renderer confs s/occured/occurred/
- Issue 457 : Fix LPCM audio streaming. In renderer configurations, PCM has been renamed to WAV and a new LPCM value has been added. ffmpeg and mplayer now produces audio lpcm raw streams or WAV ones according to the conf
- Update junrar to 0.5 (official build which includes 8GB fix, thanks Edmund Wagner!)
- Stop adding/logging FDSSDP on Windows
- Use NSIS versioning (for compatibility with versioning programs including Software Informer)
- Rollback h2 database to fix media library issues
- Updated installer wizard image
- Replaced big PS3 image with a slightly smaller one to eliminate scrollbars on main tab in Windows 7
- Deleted 2 unused images
- Formatted
- Minor updates to renderer config languages (to make Status tab look better)
- Continued updating renderer images (some changes and all with new padding)
- Added Windows Media Player to the renderers list (dummy entry)
- Improved quality and standardised size of some renderer images
- add optional scrollbars to ìAboutî tab (thanks taconaut)

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