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Rogero Manager 8.2

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Rogero Manager 8.2

Mensaje por P1nch0 el Lun Mar 14 2011, 22:02

Uno de los manager más populares recibe una actualización

Rogero ha sacado la versión 8.2 de su manager para PS3. Compatible con los Custom Firmwares de Geohot, Kmeaw, Waninkoko y Hermes.

Lista de cambios:

Added Games List Filtering with [L2+R2+L1] to show HDD Games, USB Games or All Games. (works with only one external HDD attached at a time)
Added Manager support for spoofing CFW versions to 3.50, 3.56 and 3.60.
Added [USB Mount] support for FW 3.41,now works on OFW/CFW ver 3.41 and CFW ver 3.55.
Added [USB Mount] support for Disk-Less loading, start game from app_home\PS3_GAME.
Added [USB Mount] support for spoofed CFW (3.50/3.56/3.60), now works with spoofed CFWs.
Added the Option to Enable/Disable "Blurring of Games List Background" from Settings.
Added more Optimization of the Game Copy function with some bugs fixed.
Changed the caching mechanism to a much optimized one resulting in an overall speed improvement.
Changed Auto-Fix Game's folder/files Permissions to always on,it will run auto only if needed.
Re-Added Fix-Permissions for the entire Games folder on internal or external drive with [L1+R3].
Re-Added the Option to Enable/Disable "Clear History" from Settings(per user request).
Re-Added the Option to select default "Game Backup Folder" internal/external from Settings.
Fixed the bug that prevented the manager from saving the "Animation" Setting correctly.
Fixed the bug with some Games "Title Name" dumped from BD-ROM that caused a problem with [Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]
Fixed the Game Background Image Loading Enable/Disable from Settings to allow custom themes usage.

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